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You can reach us via emaill, mail, fax or phone.
Bands, promotion companies, and labels should take the following into account: 
If a song shall be played in our radio show, just send a CD + band information to the postal address below. Songs via E-Mail are  specifically not desired  
and will be unaccounted!
In general our program ranges between Rock and Metal,
thus sending us other material is senseless!
Our partners will be supplied with our regular playlists if favored.
Newcomers are as welcome as underground bands are.
Main thing is that your songs rock like Hell!
Hints concerning concerts should not be placed in our guestbook, but send us an email with all the information. If sent in time, which means 4 weeks before the event, chances are good that we will make an announcment in our radio show.

Complete address of Radio Melodic:

Radio Melodic
Postfach 3144
70777 Filderstadt

Phone: +49 7127-977 419
Fax: +49 7127-977 419

Email Address:

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