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                                                   Radio Melodic - Help

     Needed Software:
     Radio Melodic uses the Windows Media Format for the shows.
     To listen to the Broadcast, the Windows Media Player is needed..
     This Player can be downloaded for free at Microsofts Website.
     If you face any problems listening to the show, it would be the best to download the latest       
     version of the Media Player.

     To do so, use the Link on the upper right corner of our startpage.

     The Show is provided as a 64K stream.
     So Your internet connection has to be at least of this bandwith
     (ISDN or faster).
     At lower connections (e.g. analog modem) or heavy traffic, there is the possibility of
     short interruptions.
     With a normal ISDN connection surfing the internet while listening to Radio Melodic
     should be avoided.

     To protect yourself of attacs from the internet there are so called "Firewall" programs
     (e.g. Zone-Alarm)
     But this programs by default prevent <our own software software to connect to the Internet
     The Windows Media Player exactly needs such a connection,
     thus enabling you to listen to Radio Melodic.
     So, your firewall has to be configured in a way, that the Media Player ist allowed
     to connect to the Internet.
     Further information shoud be seen in your firewall-program documentation.

     In some shows we have some additional text information besides the music.
     In order to see this information - e.g. highlights of the latest show,
     the option "description" has to be enabled in the Windows Media Player.
     It is found in the menu Play/Caption and Subtitles/"On".




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